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IMA motor is added to my inventory

IMA motor is added to my inventory
IMA motor

I finally have a complete IMA motor that is not in a working car that I can play with.
I will need to build a central output shaft with bearings, for the magnet assembly to get to the point where it is a usable motor. Unfortunately the guy wanted to keep the power electronics for use with another motor. If anyone has an Insight power electronics package sitting in their basement or garage, that they would like to see put to good use please contact me.
Once I turn this into a functioning motor, there are several uses that I have in mind:
1)Three phase motor demo for the hybrid training class.
2)We would need to make the demo do more than turn, so mounting it on an electric ATV or go cart may be fun.
3)driving a rear wheel on an Insight for a pure EV mode,possibly by electrically switching the IMA drive signals to the EV motor and back to swap modes?
4) explore using the motor as a generator.
Some specs not easily available.
The complete motor with rotor weighs about 43 lbs.
The 3 phase winding assembly weighs 21.9 lbs
The rotor 8.9
The aluminum casting with sensors 6
The steel commutator disk 6
The thick and heavy commutator disk is may also also play a part of the magnetic path, or shielding