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The Battery case starts to take shape

The Battery case starts to take shape
making the battery enclosure

Finally got the rear shop cleared enough to cut up the aluminum sheets. 1/8" 4X8 sheet is a bear for one guy to handle.
After rigging up some support I was able to cut the sheet in half, and that size can be handled with good control.
After giving up trying to cut the stuff with the jump shear, I found that an 80 tooth carbide blade cuts the sheet easily, so I was good to go.
I cut off the rear protrusions (HV terminal insulators) and the top mounting bosses, as I will be mounting and wiring it differently than it was on a stock pack.
Got my big brake set up so I can make nice bends, so I think I will make the pack so it screws together rather than welding it together. This will allow better access in the event of a problem.
Still need to make the air inlet and outlet sides and then locate and drill the main mounting holes for the pack core into the case, as well as the 4 main mounting bosses