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Second boost test run

I got brave again today, and ran a second solo test run. The boost system with only two 12V batteries, the 2500W dc/ac inverter, and the variac and step up transformer could only supply 5-6A, but even that small amount of constant charge made a decent extension of the battery charge. I started the test in Worcester as I got on I 395 heading south. I kept up with the traffic at 65-70 MPH, and got 104MPG for the 22 mile run, and still had 4-5 bars of charge left. No IMA codes, and assist and charge worked normally as well as the SOC meter. All good signs.
I get home, and on my front step is a package with all of the DC/Dc converters for the real system, so I can get right to work on it. I may have this ready for the tour de sol after all.