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More Prius batteries

More Prius batteries
Some serious power 500V 6.5AH

Thanks to Craig Van Battenburg,I now have enough prius subpacks to make 10 packs of 7 subpacks. The 50V packs can each power one dc/dc converter. the total 48V capacity will therefore be 6.5AH *10, or 65AH of capacity. If I derate the capacity to the 4AH, that gives me a bit less than 1 hour of run time.
Each pack of 7 subpacks weighs about 16.5 lbs, for a total of 165 lbs.The converters only draw 5-6A, so I expect that I may actually get more run time at the lower discharge rate. Now the question is should I also have the 4 lead acids?
The prius packs are small, and can be tucked here and there, but I still need to be concerned about cooling them especially when charging.
If I can regen to the prius batteries, I would not need to try and stuff more AH into the car, and things may actually be light enough so that I dont need the air springs? I need to come up with a pack monitoring system, even if it is crude to warn of a depleted cell in a subpack
Lots of questions need to be answered before this can be sorted out.