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a stronger wheel

I drilled a 1" hole in the space between the seat back and the HV cable exit hole, that will allow airlines and EV control wires to be brought into the car. I assembled a quick air spring air supply with a regulator and gauge.Seven PSI fills the springs and provides a slight lift. I believe the air springs provided a noticeable quieting road noise, but the real test will come on the first run with a full compliment of batteries.
I went to a bike shop today looking for a better wheel, and a new chain. The sprocket attachment to the kid's bike wheel is a bit too weak to take the stress of accelerating the car (my intuition). The bike shop was no help, as the large sprockets are made for the crank, not the rear wheel, and the rear wheels were all to big in diameter. The 12 inch wheels are all cheaply made.
In the way home I passed a small garage that sells scooters, so I stopped in. The guy had some junkers in the back of the shop, and let me have the two wheels from an old french scooter. I was able to weld the large bike sprocket onto the brake plate of the scooter wheel. This is a wheel that is big enough for the job, the weak link being the welded sprocket, but it is still much stronger than the bike wheel. Now I need to make a new fork for the wider wheel.