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Air springs arrive

Air springs arrive
This Is supposed to hold up the car and 200 lbs of batteries????
I finally got the air springs. They look pretty flimsy compared to a steel coil spring, but I am assured by the Air Lift guys that each can support 850 lbs. The big task with mounting them is the dropping of the rear wheel assembly, and modifing the top and bottom spring mount so that they attach properly. If I ever want to go back to springs, I need to make the changed reversable. I also need to weld on some beefy steel tube to mount the bump stops on, and also make a bump pad for the new bumper position to bump into. The frame extrusion is not strong enough.Major surgery to say the least.
I decided that it will be easier to put the air springs on the new bracket, and let the steel springs support the cars regular weight. That way the system will have built in redundancy.