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Air cooled 5th wheel
got busy today

I have had the components ready for several days now, but was not happy with any of the blower mounting schemes, as they all required another big hole in the floor.

I finally settled on what could be a good, easy solution.

I took the battery cooling blower from a Prius, and made an adapter to fit a shop vac hose. Made the motor mount have an inlet that fit the shop vac hose, and welded up a cover for the brush area that has an outlet facing backwards. Plumbed it all in after fabricating an angled mounting bracket for the vac hose. I covered the hose with 3" aluminum ducting as a heat shield, where it passes over the exhaust. I used a piece of an air filter from my domestic hot air heating system, as an inlet air filter, and connected the blowers' power wiring to the cabin of the car so that I can turn it on and off.