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The green machine

The green machine
Green Machine, the future EV Insight??

My poor cousin Mary who has owned a green 2000 Insight, since 2000, and loves the car, got tagged by a car that ran a redlight. She got hit right behind the passenger door, went over a curb onto a constriction site, she got airborne when she hit a pile of rocks that pretty much tore up the front underside of the car, and finally came to rest in someones driveway. She was pretty lucky and walked away with some minor scratches and bruises.We will try to buy the car back from the insurance company. The front looks pretty bad,the side frame may be bent, the front suspension is likely broken, and three of the four tires were flat.
The tow truck driver said there was fluids all over the place. I turned the key, and it started right up on the IMA with a deep throaty sound that indicated that the exhaust was broken off at the manifold. There were no check engine or IMA lights. If I get this thing, it will likely be the EV Insight with the Prius heart that I have been thinking about.Wait long enough, and karma will bring you what you need.