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Overnight two stage charger

Overnight two stage charger
Two stage charger takes shape

While the 350ma charger provides a safe way to fully charge the Insight packs, It can take more than one night to get there. I decided we needed a charger that was faster but still retained the safe 350maCC final topping charge. The new charger will use larger 48V supplies, with two CC supplies in parallel as the CC regulator. Once the voltage gets to 165V, the 700ma supply will turn off, allowing the 350maCC supply to finish the job.
This will yield a 1.05A charge during the initial charging so we will have 3X the charge rate for most of the charge. The switch over point will be adjustable, and the charger will have a latching system, so that once the switch takes place, it will not go back to 1.05A even if the voltage drops, until it is manually reset, and the voltage is below the switchover point.
The supply will have a 4th 48V supply to allow the charger to work on Prius 208V packs.
I am missing the RS-25-12 fan supply, but should be able to wire it all up and get the switchover and voltage detect working on what I have.