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Grid charger owners and location, as well as some service links for hybrid services
Grid charger code V3.0 manual
Understanding the charging and balancing process
Pack discharger
SOC reset device
Insight Battery pack lifter
Grid charger test adapters
Reprogramming the charger
Installing the Genesis One Universal grid charger in an Insight
Installing the Genesis One Universal grid charger in a First Gen Civic
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The Universal Grid Charger
MIMA Pack Whack and rebalancing the battery
Mikes Insight
EV Insight with a Prius heart
Grid charger Operating Instructions V1.2
Designing a PHEV system for the Civics, Insight 1 and 2 ------------Micro V-Buck PHEV
Doug's V-Boost
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Paul's Adventures in alternative evergy
Western Washington University X-Prize car
Finding The Best Hybrid Mix
E-wheel for any vehicle

Doug's EVs, some background

Doug's EVs, some background
My first EV project was a 1980 Kawasaki 250 converted to electric over the winter of 2001-2002, using an E-tek motor. Due to extensive use of plastic from cut-up Rubbermaid Roughneck storage containers, it was nicknamed "The Rubberneck" on its EV Album posting. By the spring of 2002 I was experimenting with building a compact generator to make this in to a hybrid (my first "plug-in hybrid"!). This led me to an association with eCycle, starting from using their compact and efficient MG series brushless DC motors to make a DC generator at the battery pack voltage. By June this hybrid EV motorbike existed no more, put back to its original gasoline configuration. Why? I had advised the SAAQ (DMV of Quebec province) that I had converted the bike to electric. They responded that I must get it inspected. I would soon bring a Skoda electric car I had bought in Ontario, in for inspection at the same place (required as being an out-of-province used vehicle) and I was concerned that some home-made aspects of the bike, (like the brake pedal made of bent threaded rod, to make room for a battery, and a frying pan used as a chain guard), would cause the inspector to be leery of me and the Skoda car and give me a hard time. Also, since I had recently bought a Honda 400 in order to convert it to a better electric motorcycle, I decided to end the short but fun life of the Rubberneck electic.