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The techs at UDH#1

The techs at UDH#1
Great bunch of Hybrid technicians

Thanks to the great bunch of guys that attended UDH#1

Imagine flying to the US from Barbados to learn about hybrid cars even though none exist on your island. Now there is a guy that is ahead of the curve. All of the guys that attended our first seminar represent the type of automotive tech's that will weather the transition to fully electric cars, and continue their profession into the new century.
Why do autotechs need to attend a hybrid class?
China and India are putting more new cars on the road each year than the rest of the world together. These cars will need oil, and that oil will have to come from the same sources as our oil. The supply is becoming limited,as the demand increases and as this trend accelerates, the price we pay for oil will have to rise. Hybrid car sales increase as the price of oil increases, and it can not help but rise, it is only a matter of time.
The days of the 20-30% max efficiency Internal Combustion Engine are numbered, and will have to be replaced by hybrids or full electrics which raise effeciency to 90% or more.
Electronics and battery systems in today's Hybrids are the basis of the fully electric cars of the future.
No one knows how long the transistion will last, but it is clear that gas electric hybrids will come on strong in the next few years.
A firm working knowledge in the theory of operation of the hybrid systems and the use of scan tools, lab scopes, and current probes to zero in on the defective subsystem or components will be your ticket into the future. Without the restraints that factory techs have to work within, the independant tech can dig deeper and perform repairs for less money than the dealer while maintaining a high hourly rate.
When the electrics come, you will be ready to dig right in and make the transition away from ICE without difficulty.
We get to the heart of the hybrid drive systems.
We show you proper safety procedures, so you are comfortable working with high voltage and high power systems.
We examine and test Electric Power Steering, Throttle by wire,complex braking systems,3 phase motors, Inverters, Battery controllers, battery safety systems.
We examine the present scan tools, Modis,Mastertec,Genesis, OTC,and many PC based tools, to determine the strong and weak points of each.Use of lab scope and current probe to examine the signature of a good and bad component.
We will strive to make UDH the best most comprensive Hybrid training course in the country.