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Understanding & Diagnosing Hybrid Electric Vehicles (UDHEV)

Understanding & Diagnosing Hybrid Electric Vehicles (UDHEV)

Understanding & Diagnosing Hybrid Electric Vehicles (UDHEV)
Hybrid Automotive technology is here now.Get ready for the future!

Got a Hybrid car with a problem? Where do you bring it for service? Who do you trust to properly diagnose and repair all this new automotive technology? Is the dealer your best option? Your only option?
We think not. Independent auto technicians can service the new Hybrid automobiles of today, and the fully electric cars of the near future with proper safety training, in depth understanding of the hybrid power train and control systems, and the use of the on board diagnostic scanners, DVM and Labscope troubleshooting.

We are offering a comprehensive 3 day training course that gets right into the good stuff. Working with HV safely, Battery technology, HV battery pack precautions, similarities and differences between the different manufacturers hybrid systems, Understanding Inverters, Brushless three phase motors, Sensors, other factors that effect vehicle efficiency, Electric power steering, Regenerative braking and brake by wire, The computer networks in vehicles. Troubleshooting hybrid systems using reference waveforms, current ramping, Scan tools, scan tool shoot out. How to get hybrid specific service information. This is only a small part of what we hope to offer. The knowledgeable independent technician is the best way to keep the cost of ownership of these amazing vehicles under control, and provide an important service option for the Hybrid owner.
Go to ATTS website Click on Understanding & Diagnosing Hybrid Vehicles To download the class flyer and sign up sheet.

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Preparing for the move to hybrids
Had a great time and we covered a lot of ground. Another great bunch of guys.

(Posted 6/24/2008 by mikey)

Demo Dolly

Demo Dolly
Demo Dolly
We have had to move the demos many times, and it is always a case of multiple trips and heavy lifting, especially if up or down stairs.
The Demo Dolly that I built for the purpose will now make that much easier.

(Posted 5/19/2008 by mikey)

IOS finishing touches 1

IOS finishing touches 1
Equipment racks
In trying to fix the remaining codes in the IOS system, I kety finding myself putting meters, scopes, and manuals on top of the HV box or components, for lack of a better place. This is not safe or conducive to troubleshooting.
As a solution, I built two equipment/manuals shelfs that can be rotated and locked in many positions.

(Posted 11/18/2007 by mikey)

First start

First start
IOS takes a ride to the dealers starts right up with chip key
With the new lifting hook, and some help from a friend, I got a new chip key for the system. After the programming, the car just cranked once and started right up. Yea!
Now I can proceed to finish it up.

(Posted 4/20/2007 by mikey)

Air Borne

Air Borne
Complete unit leaves the ground
As the trip to the dealers gets to be more likely, I needed to put a lift point on the stand, With A friends help we determined the CG, and welded up a lift hook, and have achieved first lift off.

(Posted 4/13/2007 by mikey)

First crank

First crank
First powerup no start
Well after a fun day of the UDHEV team pasting the rest of the parts to the stand, and sorting more connectors, we gave it a crank.
The gas tank and evap are on a separate dolly for safety purposes. The waterpump and radiator are not finished, but a short run would be a nice payback for all the work, so we gave it a try, knowing full well that the lack of a chip key was going to make the task unlikely.
Honda did their homework, and we found that the immobilizer cuts off the fuel pump, injectors, and spark, making it impossible to even get a putt out of it. The chip key and programming will involve bringing it to our nearest honds dealor and paying a whopping $140 to get it programmed. sounds like a rip off to me, but we have few other options. The IMA pack was sitting at 156V. The 2001 car only had 46K on the odometer.

Thanks Hobbit,G, and Swede for your help.

(Posted 4/2/2007 by mikey)

Taking it to the next level

The desire to bring this seminar to the forefront of hybrid training, I am presently building a fully functioning Honda Insight CVT on a test stand.
The test stand will allow easy access to all hybrid electrical and mechanical systems, as well as allowing simulation of the real world conditions that use assist and regen, so all of the hybrid systems can be studied and diagnosed under actual load conditions.
Two motor generators will be attached to the drive axles to do the simulation of climbing hills and acceleration as well as declining hills and deceleration.

The development of this unique teaching tool is followed in the :
Blog on this site.
Got the most of the main components mounted, still have a lot of work to do.
Understanding & Diagnosing Hybrid Electric Vehicles (UDHEV)
Getting it all put together, still a lot to do

(Posted 3/17/2007 by mikey)

How to really understand regeneration and 3 phase motors

How to really understand regeneration and 3 phase motors
getting our hands into the hardware
See if you can supply the power to charge the batteries with 50 Amps. Feel how much braking power the real MG1 can generate.See an opened 3 phase motor operate,Pull the power split device apart. Examine the magnets and rotor of MG1, see how the power gets from the power split device to the road. This is really hands on.

(Posted 2/3/2007 by mikey)

The synergy drive power split device

The synergy drive power split device
The amazing synergy power split device
How do you explain this wonderful piece of mechanics.
Hobbit has a nice discription that I will share.
"Two electric motors and a gasoline engine, forever enmeshed in a deadly struggle for power, each seeking to gain the most while using the fewest precious resources -- their delicate dance constantly choreographed by a consortium of cold, calculating computers "

Unfortunately making a cutaway that would show how it all works was impossible because of how the magic device is buried between MG1 and MG2.
Our Motorized Power split device lets the technician drive the components and see the reaction between them in a way that is truly hands on.

(Posted 2/3/2007 by mikey)

The techs at UDH#1

The techs at UDH#1
Great bunch of Hybrid technicians
Thanks to the great bunch of guys that attended UDH#1

Imagine flying to the US from Barbados to learn about hybrid cars even though none exist on your island. Now there is a guy that is ahead of the curve. All of the guys that attended our first seminar represent the type of automotive tech's that will weather the transition to fully electric cars, and continue their profession into the new century.
Why do autotechs need to attend a hybrid class?
China and India are putting more new cars on the road each year than the rest of the world together. These cars will need oil, and that oil will have to come from the same sources as our oil. The supply is becoming limited,as the demand increases and as this trend accelerates, the price we pay for oil will have to rise. Hybrid car sales increase as the price of oil increases, and it can not help but rise, it is only a matter of time.
The days of the 20-30% max efficiency Internal Combustion Engine are numbered, and will have to be replaced by hybrids or full electrics which raise effeciency to 90% or more.
Electronics and battery systems in today's Hybrids are the basis of the fully electric cars of the future.
No one knows how long the transistion will last, but it is clear that gas electric hybrids will come on strong in the next few years.
A firm working knowledge in the theory of operation of the hybrid systems and the use of scan tools, lab scopes, and current probes to zero in on the defective subsystem or components will be your ticket into the future. Without the restraints that factory techs have to work within, the independant tech can dig deeper and perform repairs for less money than the dealer while maintaining a high hourly rate.
When the electrics come, you will be ready to dig right in and make the transition away from ICE without difficulty.
We get to the heart of the hybrid drive systems.
We show you proper safety procedures, so you are comfortable working with high voltage and high power systems.
We examine and test Electric Power Steering, Throttle by wire,complex braking systems,3 phase motors, Inverters, Battery controllers, battery safety systems.
We examine the present scan tools, Modis,Mastertec,Genesis, OTC,and many PC based tools, to determine the strong and weak points of each.Use of lab scope and current probe to examine the signature of a good and bad component.
We will strive to make UDH the best most comprensive Hybrid training course in the country.

(Posted 1/29/2007 by mikey)

UDH #1

UDH #1
Some UDH #1 fun
The first of our training seminars is over, and it was a great success.
A review by Ron Ananian the Car Dr. who attended on Sat.

(Posted 1/29/2007 by mikey)