2014 Garlic and Arts festival

Wow ! The weather cooperated this year, and we had 2 beautiful days. This is the first time we were able to use the solar equipment to full advantage, and we had lots of fun.
The solar trailer is a continuing project that will grow in functionality until there is no room for further improvement (not likely)
Thanks to Claire and Troy, we were prepared with some gourmet ingredients. During the event we had deep fried mini potatoes, sausage, baked squash, pizza, steamed veggies, and a dozen boiled eggs.

The kids most liked watching the big fresnell lens melt stones, and we would melt a spot on the stones they picked up, and after they cooled, we let them take them home to show their friends. Many will be collecting nice stones all year to be ready for next years event.
As always Pauls help during the weeks leading to the event made the additional features possible. Nice to have such good friends.
Thanks to Janice and Steve for their hospitality.