Insight 2 information
Insight 2 information
Thanks to Simon Trahan,who bought the service and electrical manuals and sent then to me.
First look:
It looks like the BCM functions are handled by the MCM, and the ECM is called PCM.
There is a B-CAN,F-CAN,and IMACAN network. B-CAN and F-CAN connect in the guage module, and are available on the scantool port. It looks like the IMA assist/regen control is handled by the IMACAN network, which does not connect to the other networks.
The MCM is also on the main CAN bus which connects to the other networks and the DLC scan port.
Photos of some of the pertinent schematics and block diagrams will be put up here.
Note that battery to MCM2 and 3 had an error in the polarity of the subpacks, so 2r, and 3r is the correct polarity.

Download: battery_to_mcm_2.jpg
Download: block_diagram.jpg
Download: can_modules_1.jpg
Download: can_modules_2.jpg
Download: mcm_connector_a.jpg
Download: mcm_to_battery_1.jpg
Download: mcm_to_battery_2r.jpg
Download: mcm_to_battery_3r.jpg
Download: more_detail_imacan.jpg
Download: pcm_to_mcm_can.jpg