PHEV system for Insights/Civics

PHEV system for Insights/Civics
starting point

My V-boost system showed the possibilities, Peter Perkins Lithium PHEV Insight confirmed it, adding a booster battery that allows a MIMA equipped Insight to use increased assist in the hybrid mix can push the Insight's MPG to well over 100MPG.

The development of a safe inexpensive booster battery system for the Insight owners with MIMA.
a Booster battery system using lithium batteries,would be the best for long range PHEV range and light weight, but is a big financial outlay.
Because of the good availability and low price of surplus Prius battery packs,I feel they will provide a suitable booster pack for those with a shorter commute.
The fact that they are at a higher voltage than the 144V nominal voltage of the Insight packs makes a perfect combination for a Buck converter design to control current and final boost voltage. A dual stage grid charger would charge the boost pack.
The final piece of the system will be a microcontroller board that will interrogate the prius BCM, and control the buck controller, as well as communicate with MIMA.
After proving the design, I will be offering it to all Insight owners with MIMA.

This blog will share the development process, and share all the Insights gained so others may boost the amazing Insights remaining on the planet to there maximum potential, and show how simply allowing the driver to drive the electric gas mix that we can push MPG by 50% or more.