E-wheel for any vehicle

 E-wheel for any vehicle
Mock up of van with E+wheel

The overwhelming message that I heard from the many people that called and e-mailed after the CBS news piece was that there is a market for an E-wheel that could be installed on non hybrid cars, and that this concept could save a lot of gas. I will start the design with my dodge caravan as the target vehicle, and see if it makes sense in the real world of heavy vehicles.The photo shows the Insight E-wheel propped up against the van hitch. A bigger wheel, bigger motor, more batteries, more down force, ability to follow the rear wheel track as the van is turning, are only some of the new design issues to deal with. A vacuum pump for power brakes, and power steering pump will be required to keep the van brakes and steering operational when powered by the E-wheel.
A Two wheel trailer HYBRAD adapter

A guy is building one here:
AN e-trailer under construction