EV Insight with a Prius heart

Since the day I drove my Insight out of the dealers lot, I have had the idea of turning it into a full electric car. With my new knowledge of the Prius components I have been working with for the UDHEV hybrid classes, I have come up with a simple way to convert the Prius power split transmission into a full EV power combiner. This simple mechanical hack, will allow both MG1 and MG2 to work together in parallel at a 1:1 ratio. The beauty of this system is that the transmission oil pump, and the ICE input shaft will turn with the two MG's, so the transmission has a third input/output shaft.The built in differential and output gearing with parking pawl, makes this a full EV drive system that is ready to go.
The combined HP would bring the system to about 75 HP continuous, with peak possibly over 90.
A hack of the Prius Inverter to drive this new configuration and one could turn a totaled Prius into a power plant for an electric Insight, or electric Prius.

For bigger vehicles,the heavy final drive gearing and differential could be removed,possibily droping the weight by nearly 100 lbs. Plug the axle holes, and The ICE input shaft would become the EV drive output shaft.
Make an adapter plate for the cars transmission, and you have an EV.
Some very nice uses of a salvaged Prius synergy drive.
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EV Insight with a Prius heart
Power split becomes Power combiner