Sub woofer in charger output area

Sub woofer in charger output area
Subwoofer in the way

Just when you think you have all the details worked out, another pops up.
One of the charger customers, has a Wayland subwoofer in the small empty area where we were planing to run the charger connector. After a look at the layout, it looks like simply drilling the outlet hole on the side rather than the back of the IMA box, and using the extension harness to move the connection tothe deck top just in front of the shelf will work just fine.
It is a bit more work to drill and debur the holes, and screw in the mounting screws, but not by much. it will be necessary to pull out the sub woofer to get access to the required area.
Should be able to just lift the rug to connect the charger, and the sub woofer should go right back where it was.