Synergy arrives

Synergy arrives
The projects begin to pile up

Autobeyours shipment of Prius axles and drives arrived today. All the plastic connectors were banged up pretty bad, and the axles are hardly useable, but the drives internals look sound, so I will just have to work with it.
I had bid on a blue CVT Insight in the insurance auction today, and was out bid by someone in Quebec. I really wanted to get that car, so I could use the rear of Bluebird1 to fix it. Not going to happen. I will look at it as a karmic push towards fitting one of those synergy drives into Bluebird1.
The Photo shows my steel work table filled with unfinished projects. 14 liter PET bottle air storage container, Windsurfer sail powered Iceboat,synergy drives,and the Insight on a stand way in the background.
Too many projects, not enough time.