Back to the 5th wheel with some power in our pocket

Back to the 5th wheel with some power in our pocket
Ok now that I have a respectable motor, I also have an oppertunity to fix all of the issues that the first prototype wheel had, and build something that is ready for a summer and winter of riding under the Insight.
That is a big step, lets see how far I get.
The Etec specs are pretty impressive.Lots of torque capabilities.
Without spending any money or good will, I need to stay with the Curtis controller,it is rated for 275A, and the motor can take 300A, so it is a good match. The controller has built in current limiting, and I will connect my hall effect ammeter before trying this out in the car, so I can closely watch the motor current.
The 4:1 reduction that I had chosen with the wheel chair motor is going to give us some serious ft lbs at the road, even with reduced current, so I may need more down force to prevent scrub out. Lots to consider.Allignment is another issue that could use some work. The ideal system would allow turning without side scrub of the 5th wheel which will need to be back of the rear wheel centerline by 4 inches or so.
Then there is the high speed option of directly mounting the larger 14" wheel to the motor shaft, or through a 1:1 drive, which would put the top speed up in the 80-90 MPH range if the tire don't blow out at 3000 RPM