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Just found that I had a misunderstanding about the cycle mode 6.

The MaxChgTime* is not the variable that is used during the cycle mode 6 to stop the charge due to it running too long. That is the case for regular charging, but in mode 6, we use the MaintRunTme* variable that we have been setting at 540 minutes, so some of you have been having chargers stop prematurely do to exceeding this time. R3 is the code.
The fix is to simply put the same recommended 1400 minutes into the MaintRunTme* variable.

Solarfest is next weekend so it is time to tweak the tools
After using the solar grill for a year, and seeing what worked and what were problems, I made some important tweaks to the grill. 1.The graphite solar reciever was secured, so placing the grill on a surface will not push the graphite into the grill 2. Grea... more
Lightning the super fast EV minibike
Have always wanted a small but powerful electric vehicle to bring to the solar events. What better way to get people turned on to the fun of a fast quiet Ev. In preparation for Solarfest, I gathered up an e-tek motor (8HP continuous, 22HP peak) a 275A 48V ... more
The new batteries are finally installed and working
Got all the wires cut and terminated, made the battery combiner panel with 3- 250A DC breakers, and three of the cute chinese volt amp meters. Like any big project, the things that needed to be done to get there, took longer than building the battery rack.... more
Finally nearing completion of the battery enclosure
Spent several days cutting fitting the plywood covers for the battery enclosure. The thing needs to be air tight so I can vent the fumes with a blower. I built the thing so there is room for air to pass between the batteries, which will hopefully give them... more
The Battery case starts to take shape
Finally got the rear shop cleared enough to cut up the aluminum sheets. 1/8" 4X8 sheet is a bear for one guy to handle. After rigging up some support I was able to cut the sheet in half, and that size can be handled with good control. After giving up tryin... more
Getting too old to be slinging 120 lb batterys into the rack
Ok, I made a nice rack for the battery's, but the batteries are so heavy that I am afraid that I may wreck my back loading them onto it. I can lift them and stand straight, but that only gets them half way to the height required to clear the lip of the big... more
Main structure of battery rack is finished
Got to test my solar systems ability to charge batteries and run my MIG welder at the same time, while building a strong battery rack for the new guys. Had no problems getting the batteries to 100% and powering the welder and shop even though the day was ... more
Lead acid battery failure examined
Had some sulphated lead acid batteries that I was going to trade in, so I figured that I may as well get my moneys worth and see how they are made, as well as what was going on in side. I got out my saws all and carefully cut off the top of two different b... more
Cleaning the corroded buss bars from a Prius battery pack
The prius hybrid batteries have been having cronic issues with the copper buss bars between modules getting corroded by Potasium Hydroxide weeping through the terminal seals. The effect is a crust of hard material that is non conductive, eventually causing... more
Adding some new batteries
After living with the system for several months,it was clear than I was not going to realize the full potential of the system with the 16 trojan T105 golf cart batteries. After doing some research into the most bang for the buck, I settled on the trojan L1... more