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Just found that I had a misunderstanding about the cycle mode 6.

The MaxChgTime* is not the variable that is used during the cycle mode 6 to stop the charge due to it running too long. That is the case for regular charging, but in mode 6, we use the MaintRunTme* variable that we have been setting at 540 minutes, so some of you have been having chargers stop prematurely do to exceeding this time. R3 is the code.
The fix is to simply put the same recommended 1400 minutes into the MaintRunTme* variable.

Solarfest 2014 photos
Although the sun did not cooperate we had a nice time at Solarfest. We did get an hour of sun on Sunday AM, which we used to melt some rocks for young visitors, and of course, as we packed up for the trek back home, the clouds disappeared, and the sun came... more
Testing the fans and layout of the BMS boards
Got the real fans in today, so I connected all of them to see whay it took to ri=un them, as well as the noise level. The 5 fans were selected for low noise and low current requirements, and sufficient CFM to run a lot of air through the pack. The max curr... more
14 year old cars have rust issues
My 3 Insights are all 14 years old, and after having the breaks and gas lines fail on 2 of the cars, I am looking at the items that any Insight owner will need to deal with to keep the car safe, and running as long as possible. Will start with the serious ... more
The case is nearly finished
Got busy with the aluminum and roughed out the rest of the enclosure. With my simple tools, making a well fitting 1/8" aluminum case is a bit tricky, so there will be some rough corners.I built it to screw together at this point,with the idea that if it ne... more
making a heavy workbench mobile
Had a big bench/cabinet that was in my battery room become surplus because of the large battery rack for the off grid batteries. The bench weighs about 150 lbs and is very difficult to move even with 2 people because of the size. we moved it outside and st... more
Solarfest is next weekend so it is time to tweak the tools
After using the solar grill for a year, and seeing what worked and what were problems, I made some important tweaks to the grill. 1.The graphite solar reciever was secured, so placing the grill on a surface will not push the graphite into the grill 2. Grea... more
Lightning the super fast EV minibike
Have always wanted a small but powerful electric vehicle to bring to the solar events. What better way to get people turned on to the fun of a fast quiet Ev. In preparation for Solarfest, I gathered up an e-tek motor (8HP continuous, 22HP peak) a 275A 48V ... more
The new batteries are finally installed and working
Got all the wires cut and terminated, made the battery combiner panel with 3- 250A DC breakers, and three of the cute chinese volt amp meters. Like any big project, the things that needed to be done to get there, took longer than building the battery rack.... more