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Just found that I had a misunderstanding about the cycle mode 6.

The MaxChgTime* is not the variable that is used during the cycle mode 6 to stop the charge due to it running too long. That is the case for regular charging, but in mode 6, we use the MaintRunTme* variable that we have been setting at 540 minutes, so some of you have been having chargers stop prematurely do to exceeding this time. R3 is the code.
The fix is to simply put the same recommended 1400 minutes into the MaintRunTme* variable.

144V Insight or civic NIMH replacement HV battery pack
In playing with the NIMH 12V packs I decided to see how well they would work if set up as a 12 module (120cell) pack) I cut the bands on the stock 8- module subpacks and pulled out two of the 12V modules. I reassembled the sub pack as a 6 module assembly. ... more
dual NIMH batteries extend range in small mobility scooter
The stock lead acid batteries used on mobility scooters are 12AH the mercedes 12V NIMH are only 8.3AH I decided to put in a DPDT switch and have two 24V NIMH packs in my scooter pack. Bank A and Bank B Charge bank A , flip to bank B and charge again to fi... more