Other connections

Everything should now be connected, including the ECM wires, and the MCM and BCM wires.
We are ready for the power up test. Whenever powering up a board or system for the first time, the most important thing to watch for is shorted power supplies. This is especially true with MIMA as we use the +12V and -12V from the battery sensor to power our opto-coupler input. The Map signal circuits are powering the MAP opto isolator, and the TPS sensor supply is powering the TPS opto isolator circuits. The rest of the system runs off of the 13.6V main power that has been regulated on board to 5V. Most modern power supplies can take a shorted condition for a short time without permanent damage, so we will quickly confirm the main 5V power supply first, then turn off the system, reconnect our probes to the +12V and -12V and turn the system back on again to confirm those power supplies.