MIMA #032 John F (Lightfoot)

I'm extremely pleased with MIMA. It's wonderful to be able to override the computer system when it's doing something I don't want it to do.

I didn't get the Leadfinger Syndrome, but it's taking me a while to learn to use more of MIMA's capabilities. So far, my main uses (in order of frequency) are:
(1) keyless FAS (forced autostop), which I now do much more often than when I had to key-off
(2) adding in regen, e.g. on gradual downhills that aren't steep enough to merit an FAS or coming down offramps to a stop light
(3) adding assist here and there to avoid taking an mpg hit, say approaching the crest of a hill

A lot of this is a result of my particular commute. It's 34 miles each way, starting out with about 6 miles of 35-40mph, then a long stretch of interstate which I drive at 50mph, then about a mile in town and up into a 7-level parking garage. Rolling terrain but the hills are all different, so where possible I FAS the downhills.

I've had it for about six months at this point and I'm still learning to use MIMA in new (to me) ways.

Summer has complicated things but I'd guess I'm seeing 10% or more improvement in mpg. My record for a commuting day (34 miles each way, 2 warmups) is 103.4mpg. I don't think I had a tailwind either way, I don't draft anybody, and I use AC only when it's REALLY hot. Tires are at about 45psi.

John Flory