12. The first MIMA operational test

Here it is what you have been waiting for, lets see if MIMA is working. Start the car. The battery charge should be at least 3-5 bars. The display will do an initialization where it lights the leds while waiting for the car signals to stabilize.
With version 1.5 software and later, you will have to perform a joystick calibration at this point.
This is described in the MIMA operation section.

When the display panel leds go out, MIMA is ready. With the car idling in neutral, move the joystick to the assist direction. The cars assist bar graph should show that assist is happening, and the motor should rev up as the electric motor power is turned on. The display should show the MIMA active led on, and the assist leds should all light. If this works, you are MIMA equipped, and can operate MIMA manually, but PIMA is still not connected.

12. The first MIMA operational test

Ammeter zero level
I have approximately adjusted the ammeter zero level on your card on my car, but each car is slightly different, so we will now zero the ammeter. First make sure that no fans or A/C, lights, radio, or other loads are operating. Quickly tap the mode 1 button on the joystick. The mode 1 active led should light. This mode disables background charging. All other leds should be out, but one assist or one charge led may be on.

Adjust the Ammeter zero adjustment potentiometer until all of the amp leds go out. This is a sensitive adjustment, so turn slowly. If more red/amber leds come on while you adjust, you are going the wrong way.
Since we have not installed the map or throttle position signals, PIMA will not operate correctly. The map signal will be 0 V, so the system will try to give full charging. To fix this, while driving, activate PIMA by taping the mode 2 switch. Full charging will occur. Jog the charge calibrate joystick repeatedly to the lower charge position, until the charge leds go out. (you could also set some level of charge, and use this as an adjustable background charge control)

Jog the calibration
To jog the calibration, you must be moving over 19 MPH, and be in PIMA (mode 2). A single jog, is moving the joystick to the desired position, then allowing it to return to center. Each time you do this, you change the setpoint in that direction by 2 units out of a total of 118. Future software will detect the lack of the MAP signal , and will disable the PIMA mode until it sees a correct Map signal.

Pick up any loose tools, and make sure everything in back is secure, and go for your first MIMA ride. But don't go too far, as the real fun comes with the PIMA mode, and you still have 6 more wires to connect, and the temperature probes to test and install.
Level 1 Installation:
2. Disassembly
3. Thread the Harness
4. Threading the Harness, Cont'
5. Opening the Harness
6. Level 1 Install (rear connections)
7. Fan Diodes Install
8. Battery Amp Monitor Rear Connections
9. Mounting the MIMA system in the car.
10. Level One wiring test.
11. Level 1 Check first power up
12. The first MIMA operational test
13. Testing the fan control wiring
14. Confirming temp probe and fan control operation