MIMA construction crew

MIMA construction crew
MIMA Helpers

I want to thank the people that made this run of MIMA possible.
Cousin Scott who laid out the MIMA boards.
Theresa Cleland who built most of the PC boards, and attached the thousands of wires with pins to the plug in boards.
Nephew Troy who cut off the right angle wires of the plug in headers,attached them to the PC boards, Attached wires to the led displays, temp boards, FAS boards.
Wife Sue who cut the hundreds of FAS wires.
Paul Provost who finished the plug in MCM boards by attaching the two temp probes, current sensor and fan wires.
Ian George who tested the controllers
Dan Dumas who cut and attached the ribbon cables and connectors to the joystick boards, and drilled all the wooden joystick balls.