Tapping into the Wind

Tapping into the Wind
Making the blades

I was asked to present some alternative energy demonstrations for the Thompson community day celebrations, so I decided it was time to build a wind generator to complement the many solar demonstration devices I have. As usual I did some research on line and found some interesting DIY websites that had some interesting information. I only had several days to build the device, so I had to wing it with components that I had on hand.
I selected a surplus PM dc motor as the generator based on some output test in the lathe.The motor that was selected will output 15V at 1000RPM, and since I had no idea how fast the thing would actually spin, I figured that it would be satisfactory for a demonstration system.
I saw that many people have fabricated blades from PVC pipe, and I happened to have some 12" schedule 40 pipe so I started with that. After carefully cutting out the blades, and starting to shape them, I decided that the PVC blades would be too heavy, and would not be very pretty for the demonstration.
I put them aside and cut out some laminated wood blades from an engineered wood beam that was left over from an addition I built several years ago.
Several hours of sanding and shaping, and I had four nice looking light weight blades. I welded up a hub with some hardware that I had, and made the hub so the blade pitch could be changed and simply locked into the new setting.
I balanced the blades, and built a slip ring assembly that fit on the end of an old windsurfer carbon fiber mast.
The mast is attached to the demo trailer that we use for alt energy events, with some stainless steel hose clamps.
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