Hot water test 2

Hot water test 2
normal hot water cycling

Have been looking at the options as to heating the hot water, and think that at least for now it is best to switch the water heater to grid once the solar has finished for the day, or on a clowdy day, and to run it on the batteries during good solar days.
I an still trying to get the batteries in shape, and it looks like the short 5 minute burst of 130A draw to heat the water during the day, as well as the desulphater running continuously is kicking them back into shape. Today for the first time I am seeing all the cells in both banks the green "good" area of the SG tester.
The last test was 20 days ago, right before I started running the water heater during the day. and I saw all the SG have risen by at least .030 with some over 0.07.
Have been doing a 3 hour absorb at 58V every day, then letting it sit in the float zone at ~ 53V
Still testing the hardware for the load manager, and will start the software soon.
Many outdoor spring chores to do first, and I want to get the lithium battery control boards made and mounted, as well as getting the electric yard buggy and bucket truck running on Prius modules.