bringing in the batteries

bringing in the batteries
bringing in the batteries

I will start with running the system off one set of 6V T105 golf cart batteries. I usually pull the batteries from my 48V EV telephone truck, each winter, so I already have a nice heavy duty stand for them.
This will give me a 220Ah string.If I drain the pack completely, that gives me 220X48 or 10,560 Watt hours of storage.
I will probably run off the one set for a while to see how everything works, see what shape the batteries are in, and then consider bringing in the other 8 batteries from my electric yard buggy.
Together this would give a Max of 21 KWH of storage.
I will probably need more once I get off the grid, but this will give me some good experience so I can better size the final pack.
It was pretty cold today, so I connected a 1kw 120V infrared parabolic heater directly to the panels to heat the room. I bypassed the switch and thermostat so it would not burn up,when cycling (thermostat and switch would burn up if opened with dc) and managed to heat the place even though it was fully overcast.
The panels were still able to put out the 9A @ 120V to get the heater fully powered.