New batteries for EV 1

New batteries for EV 1
culling out the good from the bad

Like the yard buggy, I used the big batteries for the solar battery bank, so I made up another 4 48 V modules. I first had to find the good modules and match them as closely as possible relative to AH capacity. Started by connecting 28 modules in series clamped with pipe clamps. I cycled them with the grid charger and discharger to recondition all of them, and then on the last discharge, I drew the line with the modules that had lost a cell when the total voltage had dropped to 1.25V/cell average
I removed the weaker modules and replaced them with more tested ones to again find the modules with the best capacity. Next I constructed 4 of the 7 module packs, and again tested them with a couple of cycles,I replaced the weakest modules, and finally got 4 reasonably matched and highest capacity packs.
I made up a paralleling buss that would accept up to 5 of the 48V packs .
Finally I need a 12V module to power the solenoid valves on the bucket, and I will be ready to roll.