The code

The code
Writing the code

Some of you may have been wondering how I can be doing all the building and testing and still write the code.
Fortunately I have an ace up my sleeve. Old friend, EE and experienced embedded controller designer and programmer Doug in Montreal has started with my early code, converted it from the mikroelectronica C dialect to the much more useful and easy to work with CCS C which will run in the MPLAB environment.
We skype each other several times a day. Doug has an overnight charger, and is writing the code, I get the new code and test it as part of the charger testing, and give Doug my feedback so he can adjust the code.
The program has grown from where I left it at ~30-40% of the chips programing space, and he is now at 91% full,as he puts the finishing touches on the code.
We have accomplished virtually all of the stuff on the feature list, added some features and have a pretty easy to use fairley intuitive user interface.
Nice job Doug.