Helpers make it go much faster

Helpers make it go much faster
Getting it built with help

Had a nice day today as a civic owner while getting a grid charge, and an old friend joined Dan and I in our huge task.
We have the fan and temp boards for 80 Insight harnesses made, and most of the 80 harnesses assembled. The fuse and short HV wire to the + tie point will have some HV orange wire loom as shown to add additional insulation and abrasion protection.
We have finished mounting all the fans in the boxes, and have confirmed that all of the 5 new PC boards are working properly.
After the harnesses are finished, we will finish up building of the many analog, Main controller, and Interconnect cards. The 200 + wires for the temp probes have been cut, stripped, and tinned ready for attachment to the already populated and tested temperature probes.