building it bigger 4.5A

building it bigger 4.5A
Mega charger

Hybrid Battery repair needs a way to top off the packs when he first gets them, and after they are finished. This dual rate charger pushes the max charge rate up to 4.55A,to safely top off the pack in minimum time by putting four 1050MA CC led supply in parallel with a single 350MA CC supply, in series with three 6A 48V supplies.
The operation is the same as the overnight charger. Set the switchover voltage, push the red start button, and walk away.
This is a one off unit, so it does not look like the chargers I will be making.
The timer will start when the switchover happens.
The test load should let me test the charger at full current. Will do first full power test tomorrow, then I will charge a real pack.