Building a hybrid car grid charger

Building a hybrid car grid charger
Tested and calibrated waiting for video

The videos are finished, but they are not pretty.
I am trying to upload some of them to You tube, and if successful, I will upload them all. I have been burning DVD's all day,(still doing it), and hope to have all that I need early tomorrow, so we will give each charger a final test, make sure that you get what you ordered, and ship what we have ready before the end of the day, and will continue to do that until all of the paid for chargers are shipped.
The order of shipment will be based on many variables, but be assured that we will ship as many as possible every day until they are all in the mail.

The chargers will have a bag of install components like the screws, charger connector cover, drill templates,zip ties, mounting tape, upholstery removal tool, and some printed documents, and DVD instructional videos.
Each charger will do a test charge on the big lead acid batteries, as well as being set up for the ordered cars and harnesses.

I will be putting upsome web based instructions if the videos don't make it to You Tube

Ordering and the latest charger information here:
universal grid charger

I will be providing three basic models, a Universal 1A overnight charger that can fill an empty hybrid pack (6.5AH)in less than 8 hours.
A Universal maintenance charger that will be limited to 350ma.
Universal indicates that the charger will charge up to 2a 230V pack
The maintenance charger will also be offered specifically for the Insight, which would have a slightly smaller 12V power supply, and one less of the 48V supplies, and would have a maximum voltage output of 200V

All Universal units:
1. would be configurable for any voltage range all the way up to 250V as built, and with external voltage booster supplies to over 300VDC

2. would know when the voltage has reversed or stopped rising, at which point it would either
A. turn it self off
B. sound an audible and visual alarm, and continue trickle charging.

3. measure AH into the pack
4. have an LCD display and keyboard for viewing all of the measured values and allow entering calibration information.
5. run the fan, possibily with a variable speed based on temperature
6. Have a pack inlet and outlet air temperature probe.
7. The PTC strip resistance will be measured, which will also allow automatic shutdown in the case of a cell getting too hot
8. will have a timer that will shut off the charge after a preset time has transpired.
9. will have an auto shutdown mode where it will shut down after a setable amount of AH has been put into the pack.
The shutdown functions will all be able to stop the charger, so the one that hits the setpoint first will shut the charger down.
A battery maintenance mode which will have several submodes:
Delayed Charge
Charger is plugged into AC power and connected to battery. The delay time is set, and the charge start button is pressed. Charger will start after the time delay, and charge to full, then shut off. Time delay can be hours or months.

Auto maintain
Charger is set to recharge to full when battery volts drops to a certain value, or after a specific amount of time.

All settings in all modes will come set up with recommended default settings for the car, with the ability for the user to change them in non volatile memory as we learn what works best.

Overnight charger:
will charge at just over 1A until a programmable voltage setpoint at which point it will turn off the 700ma supply and continue at 350 ma, until it met the conditions for 2 above.

The initial blog about the charger;
packwhack and rebalancing battery