What to do with all those solar cells

What to do with all those solar cells
DIY solar panel

I decided I was going to make a larger solar panel with the small Solar cells.
I started by making a larger version of Mikes cell spacing template. I improved the design by drilling a hole in the middle of each cell area to allow a finger to poke through to unstick any cells that may adhere to the fixture.
Set up the array with 9 cells in each series string for 45V Open circuit and about 20V under load.
There are 18 strings with a diode on each, to yield about 1.5A.
The cells were laid face down on the fixture, and the wiring was attached. The rear expanded vinyl backing was laid over the cell rear after 4 dabs of silicone was deposited on each cell. When the silicone was set, the complete fixture cell and backing fixture is flipped over to remove the fixture and yield the cell /backing assembly.
A 1/2 " plywood back plate with the cell assembly is placed in the welded aluminum channel frame. The cell face is protected with Polycarbonate clear sheet,
The connections are brought to a plastic electrical box for termination.
Looks professional, and makes a rugged assembly.