Programmer and adapter kit

Programmer and adapter kit
Programmer and adapter kit

I ordered some of the iCP01 programmers and am offering them with the adapter so you can get set up to upgrade your Smart charger or OBDIIC&C software

The operator manual for the programmer is available here:
programmer operators manual
and the PICkit 2 software is available here:

Video instructions for charger code update will be here:
Hardware connections using the programming kit:
software install and programming
PicKit software install,loading HEX file and programming the charger
What happens in the charger during programming:
What happens on the charger when programming

The cost of the adapter is $20+ postage
The cost of the kit with programmer is $35+ postage
The hex code for the latest V3.0 version of the charger operating system
V3.01 Jan 14 charger code hex file

The DdischgVred should be reset to 25. after you reprogram the charger wity V3.0.
Since we did not clear the eeprom (want to save the car profile, current cal, and temp calibration.) that new variable was left at the 255 (cleared eeprom) value, and the default variables were not written because the eeprom looked fine to the boot up.
If you set that to 25, all should work normally.