could this be proof of rebalancing?

I had to go out for a long trip, so I set up one of the 350ma CC supplies and put it across subpack #9.
9.6 hours later, it looks from the trace that the cells that were unbalanced worked their way up to the same level as the better cells. After 3 hours, just before I left for the trip that trend upwards had just begun to happen.
I will let it soak for a few more hours, and tomorrow after a night of settling we will see if the cells truly rebalanced.
Notice on the top photo how unbalanced the initial cell voltages were when the charge first started. Some unbalance was still evident after the initial quick charge.
The bottom ragged trace was because of the switching regulator noise in the CC supply getting superimposed on the cell voltage, and the fact that instead of the half second per sample, I lowered it to one sample every 10 seconds, so the file would not be too large.
I disconnected the current probe during the 350maCC charge to save the 9V battery in the probe,as we know it was 350ma.