Basic harness

Basic harness
Basic Harness

Several people have asked for the simplest harness for the charger so they can use it for charging their 12V batteries in their car, boat, others want to charge airplane 24 V batteries, golf carts and individual 6 cell hybrid pack sticks.
The shop harness with the microcontroller based fan board, and two temp probes can do the job, but is expensive because of all the work involved to build and mount the boards.
This Basic harness has a temperature simulator so the charger works normally, and no fan board or wiring, as must 12V and other batteries do not require cooling or temperature monitoring.
Cost is $60 plus shipping if ordered separately, or it can be included in the charger or discharger box with no shipping if ordered at the same time.
Harness is terminated with rugged alligator clips, which can be clipped on to larger clips for batteries with big terminals. Fully fused as protection from reversed polarity.
For $75, I can supply a basic harness with a 12V fan power lead with the insight and fan box output connector so it can power the insight fan, or the prius and civic fan adapters