Repair shop test components

Repair shop test components
some charging tools for the repair shop

Have been getting a lot of interest in the chargers and accessories for repair shops, where they will pull the pack to diagnose and condition the pack.

While a pack with charger harness will be ready to test, most shops will not want to install the harness just to test and condition the pack.

We have developed a universal test harness that is designed for bench use on any hybrid pack.
It has long HV leads, long intake/exhaust temperature probes, and a 12V fan cable that can plug directly into a Honda Insight, or into the connector on either the Civic or Prius fan accessories.
The fan/blower board has an adjustable speed PWM fan driver so it can run a civic PWM blower, or it can power and control any 12V fan up to 3 load.

The Prius fan adapter is custom fit with a gasketed seal so it can be simply placed on top of an open prius pack and will keep the pack cool during the charge and discharge.
Price $125 shipping extra.

The two piece civic fan accessory kit allows both in car and on the bench charging.
Price $125 shipping extra

Universal Shop harness
Price $175 Shipping extra.

HV test probe kit
$100 allows safe secure connection to the two HV
tie in points when charging in the car.